Our mission

OneAmazingThing™ is an organization dedicated to enabling and empowering individuals to achieve their aspirations

Following a swift online sign-up process, we begin a 30-day journey toward a personal aspiration – anything that they would find to be “amazing”. 

Success is nurtured by occasional and supportive text messages along with the shared encouragement, struggles and accomplishment of others

Soon enough you’ve done it. You’ve “amazed” yourself, and inspired others to “amaze” themselves as well.

What do we do?

Are you taking the simple steps to make your day and world better?

We begin by listening. Striving to know, if your basic needs – food, water, shelter are at risk?


Perhaps you are concerned about your financial, medical or health status? Or how your relationship with friends, family and extended community are enduring? If you feel as if you’ve lost your sense of freedom and security? Has this impacted your confidence, self-esteem or autonomy? Are you finding the sweeping social injustice, inequity and racism intolerable?


Or perhaps the plight of the environment or climate are most disturbing to you. And in spite of it all, we want to know if you are being the most you can be? Are you taking the simple steps you need, and can take, to make your day and your world better? If not, we hope you’ll join us.

How do we do it? 

The focus is on focus, and simplicity.

You begin by defining a single aspiration. Something that you believe would be really “amazing”; if you just actually could do it. There are no limits or minimums. You simply need to know “what” you would like to do.


The OneAmazingThing™ community and platform provides the “how”. Using timely reminders, building a success vocabulary and sharing relevant resources, you are nudged and nurtured along your journey, one day at a time.


Soon enough you’ve done it. You’ve “amazed” yourself, and inspired others to “amaze” themselves as well. And we hope, that one “amazing” journey will lead to many. 

Our mantra 

OneAmazingThing™ intends to operate as a nonprofit organization dedicated to enabling and empowering everyone. We bring the platform, and convene the community, while our participants bring their passions and their purpose. 


Personal data will never be shared or monetized - we consider the information to be a vital part of our relationship with you and all revenues derived from merchandise, partnerships and donations are used solely for expanding the community's amazing impact, globally. 

 Meet Our Team 

Together, We Amaze


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