OneAmazingThing™ helps us define, remember, and act on our aspirations.

Why Join?

Do you long for something more – to do something “amazing”, for yourself or your community?


You are not alone, most of us do. After a simple sign-up, and picking a set of “superpowers", we are on our way. Over the first few days we work to refine our “amazing” 30-day aspiration and chart out schedules. Then we get going.


All along the journey, the platform sends us short text messages with helpful resources and timely encouragement. One day at a time, our progress (and struggles), shared alongside those of the whole OneAmazingThing™ community, pulls us along. 30 days later, we have done it - amazed ourselves, amazed others and are ready to go again!


We only ask for one commitment – stick to it.

Along your journey, we will ask you to:

2. Secure the specific times to work on it

1. Define an amazing and achievable aspiration

3. Celebrate each step along the way

4. Amaze and inspire yourself, and others, by sharing the journey

The time will fly. And before you know it, you too will have "AMAZED".

Choose your superpowers.

Our thoughts are framed with words. They give us our superpower.  From them, we gather our resolve. Chart our action. Restore our autonomy. Our words provide the mental bread-crumbs, not only of our journey and history but also to a true north leading us back to our intentions when we wander. Our words are our mantra on which we take action. The shared language under which we affiliate with others. They speak to our passion. They define what we believe and what we abhor. Capturing our words that clarify. Picking the words that define us. Underlining the words that lead to our actions. Standing on the words that inspire. Find your amazing #superpowers, and join us


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Together, We Amaze


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